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THC is a leading provider of ALM solutions to community banks and credit unions. THC was the sole provider of risk models to Federal bank regulators for seven years. THC provides the most cost effective ALM solutions that satisfy all interest rate and related liquidity and credit risk regulatory requirements. Our balance sheet management approach can enhance your profitability.

Our Solutions

THC has 30 years of experience in financial technologies and has a proven successful track record in customer satisfaction and product innovation. THC solutions are available for in-house or outsourced processing.

THC solutions are created with a broad, deep understanding of banking that adds value at every level. Each solution has a combination of services and features specific to the needs of your organization.A THC banking solution ensures cost savings for you.

What We Offer

  • THC Network™

    THC Network™ is an ALM platform for the first time that combines peer-to-peer loan sales and purchases, along with funding capabilities. The strategy is then implemented through transacting with active market participants.

  • THC Network™ enables you to satisfy all IRR, liquidity, stress test, CFP, credit, budgeting and other related regulatory guidelines and make actionable decisions to enhance value on a daily basis. Risk Officer is a new generation ALM solution for banks and credit unions in the marketplace.

  • THC Decisions®

    THC Decisions® is a financial analytical system supported by state-of-the-art financial engineering research. It provides valuation, return analysis, risk simulation, portfolio and balance sheet performance evaluation. At the core of this system are sophisticated pricing models for a broad range of financial instruments.

  • Advisory Services
    • Model validation service
    • Mortgage loan and MSR fair valuation
    • Capital planning and budget planning

We've designed THC banking products to be used by any financial institution, especially yours, and our popular ancillary products to work as powerful additions to our bank platforms.

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