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THC Network™

THC Network™ enables you to satisfy all IRR, liquidity, stress test, CFP, credit, budgeting and other related regulatory guidelines and make actionable decisions to enhance value on a daily basis. Risk Officer is a new generation ALM solution for banks and credit unions in the marketplace.

Our valuation models have been helping clients since 1987 accurately and effectively price, identify, measure, monitor and manage their risk and profitability.

Why should you care about TRO?

THC Network™ is the leading cloud-based asset liability management solution.

  • You have access to our extensive computational capacity for comprehensive and accurate risk simulations.
  • Ease of use with THC real time support, quick response to model enhancements and users' requests. At the same time,
  • You have complete control over the risk management process, and have desk top solutions for independence and confidentiality. Users get the advantages of both outsourcing and desk top solutions.
  • You can communicate with brokers, consultants, and regulators. (Some banks actually let regulators have access to a portion of their Risk Officer remotely as part of the "onsite examination".)

Why is THC Network™ better than what the market already provides?

Modern financial and information technologies can enable you to lower the rising cost of regulatory burden and enhance your performance in this challenging market conditions. THC Network™, along with our client support based on extensive banking experience, is providing you that solution.

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Comprehensive

What specific ALM functions does THC Network™ provide?

  • view the trends on your dashboard,
  • do budgeting, capital planning
  • monthly reports for ALCO meetings
  • meeting all ALM regulatory guidelines, ALM functionalities and reports, for
    • interest rate risk
      • EVE, EaR, repricing gap
      • Basis risk, yield curve risk, option risk report
      • Key rate duration
    • liquidity risk
      • sources/uses of funds
      • contingency funding
      • liquidity gap
    • credit risk
      • stress test
      • loss provision/Q-E factors
    • Funds transfer pricing and performance attribution
  • profitability/what-ifs and pre-transactional analyses to enhance balance sheet performance.
  • sensitivity of the simulations to model assumptions can be estimated interactively.
  • peer group comparison
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