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Financial Models

Welcome to the THC Financial Models Library! This library is designed to promote the usage and better understanding of financial models.
  • All financial models are in Excel spreadsheet format, and can be downloaded freely, used free of charge, and distributed freely.
  • These free excel spreadsheets are related to business finance, including valuations, cash flow models, forecasting, and fundamental analysis.
  • Note: The site is not responsible for any errors in the models and copyright violation of any models submitted.
We hope that you can also contribute to the library of financial models by submitting your Excel model spreadsheet in the format consistent with our models. The rules for submission are similar to that of a Journal. That is:
  • We maintain the right to reject your submission or suggest.
  • revisions of the models.
  • We reserve the copyright of the Excel spreadsheet model.
Interested in uploading your own models? Click here.

Public Spreadsheets

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 Model Name  Size  
22 *n-Factor Ho-Lee Model 79KB gif gif gif
23 *Hull-White Model 64KB gif gif gif
24 *Black-Karasinski Model 40KB gif gif gif
25 *BGM Model 48.5KB gif gif gif
27 *Swap Model 195.5KB gif gif gif
28 *Binomial Swaption Model 208.5KB gif gif gif
29 *Black Futures Option Model 25KB gif gif gif
30 *Black Bond Option Model 54KB gif gif gif
31 *Black Model (Cap & Floor) 40KB gif gif gif
32 *Black Swaption Model (revised) 42KB gif gif gif
33 *Interest Rate Futures Price 60.5KB gif gif gif
34 *Constant Maturity Swap Model 67KB gif gif gif
35 *Interest Rate Spread Option 71.5KB gif gif gif
36 *Bond Option 62KB gif gif gif
37 *Dynamic Hedging 67KB gif gif gif
38 *Option on Forward Contract 63KB gif gif gif
39 *Option on Futures Contract 62KB gif gif gif
40 *Effective Duration 157KB gif gif gif
41 *Portfolio Duration 28KB gif gif gif
42 *Dollar Duration 116KB gif gif gif
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