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About Thomas Ho Company Ltd (THC)

Thomas Ho Company Ltd specializes in Asset Liability Management solutions for Banks and Credit Unions. We believe that meeting regulatory expectations is not a functional silo, but rather a driver of risk management and profitability. We have been helping clients since 1987 with our valuation models to accurately and effectively identify, measure, monitor and manage their risk. Our software platform and financial models are used to develop and create strategies for managing risk and maximizing profit.

THC Risk OfficerTM(TRO)

Comprehensive cloud-based ALM Solution for banks and credit unions
  • robust model that meets the highest regulatory standards
  • based on option-adjusted valuation models with stochastic interest rates
  • functions include: trade simulations, financial simulations, budgeting, regulatory reports, management reports

THC DecisionsTM

Comprehensive financial engineering tools
  • C++ financial object library
  • Install-base investment and ALM solutions
  • real time pricing and risk analytical systems

THC Financial OfficerTM(TFO)

A bank and credit union balance sheet transactional platform
  • market quotes from capital markets and loan markets
  • balance sheet strategy simulations
  • buyer/seller negotiation platform

THC Consulting

Comprehensive customized service
  • Quarterly Report Review
  • Capital planning and strategic planning
  • Deposit account and prepayment model study and backtesting
  • Contingency Funding Plan
  • Balance Sheet Strategies and Simulation
  • What if analysis- evaluate and view the impact on the Balance sheet
  • ALM Policy limit design
  • Third Party Model Validation
  • Interest Rate Risk Audit
  • Loan Portfolio transaction analysis
  • ALCO/Board review and presentation
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