THC Risk Officer™ providers state-of-the-art, fully regulatory compliant and affordable risk management solutions for all banks. Six years in development, the THC Risk Officer™ enables all banks to have access to best practice internal risk management today.

THC Risk Officer™ addresses 2010 Interagency Advisory on Interest Rate Risk Management.
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THC ALM Portal™-Today, community banks must seek to satisfy all regulatory requirements cost effectively. THC provides a comprehensive interest rate risk regulatory solution in managing liquidity risk, credit risk, and interest rate risks. Furthermore, we provide community banks the tools and consulting in managing the balance sheet.

THC Decisions™ is a financial analytical system supported by state-of-the-art financial engineering research. It provides valuation, return analysis, risk simulation, portfolio and balance sheet performance evaluation. At the core of this system are sophisticated pricing models for a broad range of financial instruments.

Based on the financial models, THC Decisions™ has a powerful report generation system as well. This system provides a wide range of reports. We provide three levels of reports: summary, portfolio, and single security report. Summary reports provide the portfolio overview, historical trend comparison, and industry-wide reports. Portfolio level reports provide feature reports, such as retrospective analysis, prospective analysis, risk measurement analysis, Net Interest Income simulation report, VaR report and more. Single Security reports enable customers to dig into the detail analysis for a particular security. Further, we provide reports for market data, such as yield curves and spreads.

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